3rd of July 2009

Catalpa trees in bloom

The Catalpa tree or `Indian Bean´ of Park Sanssouci in bloom

When Summer sets in the Catalpa tree or `Indian bean´ stands in full bloom. The long husks or beans full of seeds hang in bunches from the branches, yellow and purple mix in the trumpet-like blossoms.

Though this tree grows not only in the park but also at some spots in the city, I discovered the blossoming of the Catalpa tree at a very unique specimen near the Kuhtor (the cow´s gate at the Roman Baths).

There stands an extraordinary old Catalpa tree that was planted during the times of the first tree nursery of Sanssouci, which was founded in 1790. Next to the Economy path (where cycling is allowed) the royal gardeners presented every kind of tree in a living catalogue – and you could even buy them back then. The Catalpa´s origins lie in North America and it was introduced to Europe only in the early 18th century.

In Winter the Catalpa near the Roman Baths looks miserable, as this tree doesn´t grow into into the sky but spreads above the ground. Nonetheless every single branch is green and in full bloom by now – not bad for one of the oldest creatures in the whole of Park Sanssouci.

The Catalpa tree or `Indian Bean´ of Park Sanssouci in bloom

27th of June 2009

Cinéma Noir opened

Open-Air-`Cinema Noir´ on the Pfingstberg-Belvedere opened with a silent movie

A rattling movie-projector, a 90 years old silent movie and some amazing piano music accompanying it - on Friday evening the Belvedere on Pfingstberg-hill fulfilled its mystic-romantic ideal.

"Sinister Stories", a UFA-silent movie that dates back to 1919 was the opener of the new Cinéma Noir-open-air-events during the summer. Five dark episodes were shown, that were really creepy regarding the old-fashioned theatrelike make-up and the psychotic looks and eyes of these early movie actors. The improvised music by theatre-organist of the Filmmuseum, Helmut Schulte, on the piano made it even more authentic.

During the next week Roman Polanski´s "Dance of the vampires" and Alfred Hitchcock´s "Psycho" are shown along the unsettling "Blair Witch Project".
Give yourself the creeps at the
Cinéma Noir on the Pfingstberg-Belvedere!

15th of June 2009

Students on strike

This week the German students are on strike to call for changes in the educational system! These are pictures I took today at the University of Potsdam.

Strike at the University of Potsdam, Philosophical Faculty
Strike at the University of Potsdam, Philosophical Faculty

10th of June 2009

This golden girl is still in top shape

It was a unique opportunity for me – five years after the Monopteros-Templetower on the roof of the former military orphanage in Potsdam´s Lindenstraße was rebuild (after its destruction in World War II) the architect Peter Esch („Gibbins european architects“) visited the tower today and even went into the dome to search for damages.

The first good news: The larch wood dome, the golden Caritas-sculpture on top and the sandstone columns (beside some out-blooming) are in perfect shape!

The second good news: I was allowed to accompany Peter Esch into the dome and to fly around the Caritas in 48 meter (157 ft) height with a crane.

In this small slideshow you can see these unique perspectives, including the signs of the four stonemasons in the interior of the dome and a few close-ups of the 4 meter (13 ft) high Caritas with its burning heart. Have fun!

Even though the building does not shelter any orphans since 1952, the nearly 300 year old „Foundation „Großes Waisenhaus“ still helps young people.

Moving pictures can be found in a report of the local Potsdam TV station – if you have a close look you may discover me when I ascend the shaky scaffolding to the small entrance below the dome between the 15 m (49 ft) high columns.

19th of May 2009

Space mosaic - I think we have a problem here

Normally you wouldn´t notice, but if you know what´s wrong, you can´t imagine, how they could screw something up as obvious as this. The big mosaic at the building Breite Straße / Dortustraße is called "Mankind overcomes space" and shows a socialistic vision of how the human race would conquer space and benefit from it.

At the construction of the building between 1969 and 1971 the architects (Sepp Weber & Co.) messed up big time. These are three of the huge 18 panels at the Dortustraße:

`Der Mensch bezwingt den Kosmos´ - Mosaik from Fritz Eisel at Rechenzentrum Potsdam

The panels were confused and the planet´s panorama destroyed. I wonder what the artist Fritz Eisel thought of it – in fact he left Potsdam shortly after the incident ;).

This is how he planned this part of the mosaic:

`Der Mensch bezwingt den Kosmos´ - Mosaik from Fritz Eisel at Rechenzentrum Potsdam

The building is situated where the famous Garrisonchurch once stood – and if they reconstruct this church (what a lot of people want and a lot of other people dismiss), this work of art has good prospects of being preserved as it is listed since 1977.

8th of May 2009

Discgolf-Ladies Cup at the Volkspark

My personal event recommendation!

For the second time, the local Disc Golf Club Hyzernauts, hosts a tournament exclusive for women, the Ladies Cup. The frisbee-contest takes place at the Disc Golf Parcours at the Volkspark Potsdam. The finals are held on Sunday around 2 pm!

Here is the Link to the Hyzernauts Discgolf Club

And here some impressions from the last Ladies Cup:

2nd of May 2009

Birth of a blog

I hereby open this blog with some pictures I made yesterday on Mayday in Potsdam.

Welcome to my site, I´m happy you´re here and hope, you´re well entertained!

Ruderer auf dem Heiligen See / Rowers on the Holy Lake

At night in the Schiffbauergasse

At night in the Schiffbauergasse