Disc golf - All natural sport - the philosophy of the Hyzernauts Club

Frisbee capital!

Potsdam is home of two successful sport clubs, that found their way to the heart of the population by having fun with flying discs. At first, there is the Ultimate-Frisbee-Team „Goldfingers“ and then thtere is the Disc Golf Club of the „Hyzernauts“.

Disc golf is a relaxed fun game, that works like traditional ball golf. But instead of clubs and balls, they throw a frisbee and try to hit a basket with as few throws a possible.

Try it together with me! We visit the Volkspark Potsdam, where a whole course of 14 holes exists. I´ll take care of the discs and during our game I´ll tell, what´s it all about the Volkspark – erected in 2001 for a horticultural show and beforehand a military area for centuries.

This disc golf tour will give you some relaxation and distance from the World Cultural Heritage, enjoy the game and then throw yourself back into the heart of the city.

Duration: about 3 h

This video clip shows, that the Hyzernauts strike in the city center as well – even at the Bassinplatz behind the church of St. Peter and Paul are three disc golf baskets.

Discgolf - All natural sport - die Philosophie des Hyzernauts e.V.

Discgolf - All natural sport - die Philosophie des Hyzernauts e.V.