A palace on top of a vineyard - Sanssouci in Potsdam

Brandenburger Tor / Brandenburg Gate

The first time in Potsdam

If you pay your first visit to Potsdam, on this tour you´ll see the essential sights (as well as the little details) of the historic inner city and will learn to know the park of Sanssouci with its famous palace on top of a hill – a stroll within the World Cultural Heritage of the UNESCO.

Nikolaikirche am Alten Markt / Church St. Nikolai at the Old Market

On our way we´ll see the Old Market, where the reconstruction of the baroque city castle as the new parliament of Brandenburg is under way, the film museum, the dutch style city channel, the old city gates, the Church of Peace and the palace of Sanssouci.

You´ll discover more about the `Soldierking´ and his son, Frederick the Great, but also learn about the life of the people living in the historic center in the past and now.

Duration: about 2,5 h

Art Nouveau Facade of the Karstadt-Mall in the Pedestrian Zone

Deity Diana in front of Sanssouci

Friedenskirche in Sanssouci / Church of Peace