Marly garden near Sanssouci

Experience Potsdam!

Potsdam has many different sides – the parks and palaces are just one part of the city. Until today Potsdam takes centre stage not only in history and culture, but also politics, science and even sports!

Blick auf die Pfaueninsel / Peacock Island

Therefore Potsdam serves a vast variety of interests and there is an adequate experience for everyone at hand.

Do you want to discover the lives of the great kings or learn to know, how the factory workers in Babelsberg used to live? Are you interested in the sculptures of park Sanssouci or the military garrison of Prussian Potsdam or maybe the Russian occupation of the city, where the secret service KGB had it´s headquarters?

I arranged a few tours, that lead us into different parts of Potsdam. But naturally every tour is adjusted to your interests and specifications, so if you have any wishes don´t hesitate to talk to me – there are many beautiful routes leading through Potsdam.

I´ll guide you in German or English and I´m ready for a spontaneous walk. If you prefer, we´ll discover the city and the surrounding nature by bike.

We can discuss my charge and all the details on the phone or via e-Mail. Just contact me!

Pegasus sculpture at the Belvedere on the Pfingstberg-hill

Flora sculpture at Jägerallee