Potsdam is my home town and I discover the city since I was born in 1983. By now I´m freelancing for the local newspaper and am active member of the Society of Friends of the Pfingstberg-Belvedere – and I enjoy it to show visitors and inhabitants alike the beautiful sights, views and stories of Potsdam.

The history of Potsdam and the undergoing change I witnessed since the German reunification in 1990 fascinated me ever since and long before I finished school it was clear to me to study history (and European media sciences). I didn´t only research and experience the Prussian characteristics of Potsdam and its culture and arts, but also the development of the city under Russian occupation and during the GDR.

Since a few years I followed the daily events as a journalist for the biggest daily paper of Potsdam, the “Märkische Allgemeine Zeitung”, reporting from concerts and cultural events and following the city´s controversies and issues, e.g. the reconstruction of the old palace in the heart of the city, the heavily contested Garrisonchurch and the controversy, whether it is allowed to go by bike in the royal gardens, which causes quite a stir right now.

I would enjoy to show you not only the Potsdam of the Prussian monarchs, but also the Potsdam of my generation.