Soundwalk Potsdam

During my studies of European media sciences (EMW) together with two fellow students I put into practice a project called „Soundwalk Potsdam“.

The Soundwalk is a guided audio tour, i.e. you go for a walk with ear-phones and are guided through the Brandenburger Vorstadt and the park of Sanssouci. During 80 minutes you discover the history and atmosphere of the location and listen to so good music.

You may check it out, but unfortunately it is in German.

We currently develop a sequel called „Potsdam im Gehörgang“ that leads the listener through the historical inner city. It will be published in the summer of 2009.

Radio interview with Andrej Tschitschil of Radio4You

The internet-radiostation “Radio4You” of the Vocational Training Center Potsdam invited me to a show in February of 2009. The listeners not only learned to know me but also listened to a guided tour on the radio through the Breite Straße in Potsdam.

Here is the live recording - 2 hours with some good music!